Starting Point

Starting Point is a three-week series of classes designed to help you discover your part in God’s story and fulfill His call on your life. It’s about finding freedom, healing, purpose, and opportunities to grow right here at Pace.

Whether you’ve been at Pace Assembly for a while or you’re just beginning to call it home, we invite you to join us for Starting Point.

Starting Point Session 1 | Welcome to the Pace Family

This session is the first step in beginning your journey of growth here at Pace Assembly! In the first of 3 classes, you will learn more about the church, have opportunities to find community and build relationships, see the importance of believing in Jesus, and have the opportunity to become a member.

Starting Point Session 2 | Building God’s Kingdom

Understanding our roles as believers and sharing the unique gifts and abilities He has given us is essential to building God’s Kingdom! During this second session, we will explore the importance of the unique gifts and talents God has entrusted us with and how to begin serving others with our gifts, both inside the church and out in the local community.

Growth Path Session 3 | Covenant Meal

Because God is all about people, we’re all about people! In this third and final session of Starting Point, we will talk about the importance of people in God’s eyes and introduce you to a wide variety of ministry leaders and serving opportunities here at Pace. You will be given time to explore each area and have the opportunity to join a Serve Team. Once you’ve attended Sessions One & Two, we would love to share a meal with you celebrating your new journey here at Pace.

Starting Point class is located in the Education Wing, room 6107 – Coffee, fruit and Pastries will be served in the first 2 sessions.

Click here to register for Starting Point or call 850-202-3100